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The Best Canon PIXMA MG3550 Ink Replacement Cartridges

Canon PIXMA MG3550 Ink Replacement Cartridges

The Canon PIXMA MG3550 is an inexpensive inkjet printer. It’s designed for home use or for students at college. In a nutshell, it provides basic print, scan and copy, but also incorporates wireless support and even includes a direct print from several mobile device platforms.

Official Canon Ink Recommendations

According to Canon, these are compatible ink cartridges:

  1. CL-241 Color Cartridge
  2. CL-241XL (Extra Large) Color Cartridge
  3. PG-240 Black Cartridge
  4. PG-240XL (Extra Large) Black Cartridge
  5. PG-240XXL (Double Extra Large) Black Cartridge
  6. PG240XL/CL241XL w/GP502 reveal

Where To Buy

We’d recommend either buying directly from Canon or finding a cheaper alternative from InkFarm:

InkJetSuperStore Recommendations

how to change canon pixma ink cartridges

According to the InkJetSuperStore, these are some of the best compatible cartridges:

  1. Canon PG-240 Remanufactured Black Pigment Cartridge
  2. Canon PG-240XL Remanufactured High Yield Black Ink Cartridge
  3. Canon Remanufactured Extra High Yield Black Ink Cartridge
  4. Canon CL-241 Remanufactured Color Ink Cartridge
  5. Canon (OEM) 5207B001 Black Ink Cartridge (PG-240)
  6. Canon CL-241XL Remanufactured High Yield Color Ink Cartridge
  7. Canon Pixma PG-240XL OEM High Yield Black Ink Cartridge
  8. Canon Pixma CL-241XL OEM High Yield Tri-color Ink Cartridge
  9. Canon OEM 5204B001 OEM (PG-240XXL) Extra High-Yield Black Ink Cartridge

Amazon Options

According to our research, these ink cartridges are compatible with the Canon Pixma MG3500 printer:

User Feedback: This particular ink cartridge get some mixed feedback over on Amazon. One buyer was extremely disappointed saying that after only printing a hundred Pages the cartridge was basically empty and he couldn’t print anymore. He was equally infuriated because with Canon printers, if you run out of color ink and only want to print in black and white, it prevents you from doing so.

Another person was underwhelmed, complaining that the cartridge doesn’t seem to have a lot of ink in it. They were printing 5 by 7 photos- after a week it was basically spent. Another person was pretty positive about this official ink cartridge from Canon, saying that they have not had good experiences purchasing off-brand and remanufactured ink cartridges for their Pixma printers.

They generally get the biggest size available so that they don’t run out of the ink when they need it. However, the general consensus seems to be that this cartridge doesn’t provide enough ink to be a long-term resource.

User Feedback: Once again, this particular ink cartridge not getting the best reviews over on Amazon from its users.

One person complains saying that after only printing about a dozen pages that it is almost out of ink. It seemed to him an incredibly expensive cost with very limited return on investment.

However, another reviewer writing in 2015 says that he runs a home business that gobbles up a lot of printer ink and that this particular official Canon toner is pretty effective for what he needs.

He compliments the ease of installation and how clean the printouts are using this cartridge.

Another reviewer concurred saying that it’s really a good idea to only buy genuine Canon printer accessories, saying that their print outs are always clean, smear-free and crisp, providing exceptional quality for both professional and personal projects and documents.

How To Change Ink On A Canon Pixma MG3500


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