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When you notice that certain colors are not printing properly, it’s probably due to low ink levels. In the past, you had to check the printer ink manually, but now, most modern printers allow you to check the ink levels directly from your computer. Here are some ways of checking printer ink in Windows 10.

Video Guide: How To Check Ink Cartridge Levels In Windows 10

More Methods

Using Control Panel

To use this method, ensure your printer is connected to your computer and is powered on. Follow the following steps to check printer ink levels using control panel settings:

  1. Click on start and then find and click on ‘control panel’ or press Windows + S key and type ‘Control Panel’ in a search box that appears
  2. Click on ‘control panel’
  3. Find ‘View devices and printers’ under the ‘Hardware and Sound’ section and click on it
  4. On the list of connected devices that appears, go to the section of printers where you will see the printers connected to your PC
  5. Select the printer you want to check, right-click and select ‘properties’
  6. Click on the ‘maintenance tab’ and then ‘Epson Status Monitor 3’ in the case of Epson printers

For Dell printers, follow the same steps until step 4 and then:

  1. Double click on your printer icon and a new window will load with printer features and options
  2. Click on ‘printer options’ where a new window loads with new tabs and options
  3. Click on ‘services’ tab and new options will appear
  4. Click on ‘Dell Ink Levels’ and your printer ink levels will be displayed

Using an Application or Printer Software

Many brands, for instance, HP, Epson, Brother, Kodak, Canon, and others, have their printer software, which is often on a CD that comes included with your computer. In case you no longer have the CD or yours didn’t come with one, you can download the printer software from their official website. Ensure your printer is connected to your PC and it’s turned on before checking ink levels as follows:

1. Click start and find the app for the printer, for instance, HP Smart for your HP printer

2. Check the model name of your printer and then click on it

3. You will see the ink levels of your printer on the home screen of the application

In case the ink levels do not show, you will probably need to update the drivers. Simply contact support for help on how to update the software you are running.

HP Print and Scan Doctor

For HP printers, you can also use the HP Print and Scan Doctor app. It helps you determine when your printer’s ink needs to be refilled or your cartridges replaced. Follow the following steps:

1. Download ‘HP Print and Scan Doctor’ app from the HP official website, install it and run it in your PC

2. Go to tools and then open the ‘Printer/ Supply levels’ option to check the ink levels of your printer

3. Check the estimated HP printer ink level and refill it if it’s running low

With the two methods, now you know how to check for ink Windows 10. The control panel is the faster option for you.


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