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The Epson WorkForce 545 Inkjet Printer Review

Epson WorkForce 545 All-in-One Printer _ Unboxing

Printer Adviser Rating: Poor


The Bottom Line

This older model Epson gets largely negative reviews. Complaints range from poor scan to USB functionality, to difficulty making wireless connections. We’d recommend the updated Epson Workforce WF 7820



Epson WorkForce 545 Video Review

Printer Specs

Is Energy Star-CertifiedY
Manufacturer Part NumberC11CB88201
Assembled Product Weight8.9 in
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)14.20 x 17.60 x 8.90 Inches

The WorkForce 545 by Epson is an all-in-one inkjet color printer that allows you to print, copy, scan and fax. Moreover, it’s incredibly user-friendly as you can do all that for multi-page documents in one effortless step. Taking it a notch higher, it’s also the fastest printer on the market with 15 PPM printer speed in black.

You effectively print with a 7.2 PPM (ISO) speed in color and that too using your mobile device or local network. Furthermore, the paper tray can hold up to a whopping 250 sheets. That makes it ideal for both home office and small office utilization.

SpeedEpson WorkForce 545 All-in-One Printer _ Unboxing

With this printer model by Epson, you get the world’s fastest print speed of about 15PPM in black. Besides, for the colored printouts, it’s as efficient as 7.2 PPM. Even the print quality, for that matter, is professional-grade, and the black text is laser-sharp and entirely smudge-proof.

When it boils down to fax, many hi-tech printers are rendered inefficient, but this one clearly triumphs. It has a fax memory of up to 180 pages, and it will generally take less than 3 seconds per page. This quality is complemented by a robust 60 number speed dial storage.

All-in-all, not only is it your one-stop solution, but its speed is both customer and ISO-certified. The image quality is high definition and the 4-color ultra pigment ink further solidifies it in our opinion.


Yet another great feature that customers quite appreciate about the Epson WorkForce 545 is the easy connectivity. Besides being easy to set up, you can practically connect it to most devices without much hassle. Additionally, it supports both wired and wireless connections, which makes it all the more convenient.

It also supports Apple AirPrint, which is exceptionally useful. That’s because, when it comes to connectivity and Bluetooth, Apple users find themselves alienated from most devices. However, you can effortlessly share your printer with multiple devices and don’t require a different printer for every home office setup.

Nearly all versions of Windows and iOS are easily workable with this printer. You can also control all functions via a wireless connection and use the cable only when required. Moreover, you can print calendars, documents, photos, contacts, and more; and even charge your devices using the USB port.

Cost Reduction

Getting high quality or life-like image quality can often be hefty for you in the long run in terms of costs. On the contrary, you can experience a 40% reduction in color printing costs. You can print twice as many pages per cartridge due to the innovative and cost-reducing technology.

The four ink cartridges, cyan, black, magenta, and yellow, to be precise, have a minimum droplet size of only 2pl. Resultantly, you have to pay 40% less printing costs, or you can print twice as many pages. Also, the cartridges are available in extra high capacity.

You don’t even need to replace all cartridges; instead, you have the option of only replacing the empty color. Since the color is smudge-proof and dries instantly, you won’t have to waste time and money by reprinting color-intensive images. Besides, it uses 70% less energy as compared to other color printers on the market.

Capacity Benefits

Despite being a printer that’s ideal for your home office or small office, the capacity is pretty reliable and substantial. The moderately sized tray can hold around 250 papers at once. As a result, most customers don’t need to reload the tray for quite some time.

It’s also convenient to scan, copy or even fax stacks of paper at once, as it has a 30-page automatic document feeder. As mentioned before, you can connect it using both wireless and wired connections. Hence, even on that front, it doesn’t pose a problem and supports PC-fax too.

Since it typically comes with a one-year warranty, your investment is secure for that duration. Furthermore, you may even choose to insert a thumb drive into the front USB Port. You can then upload files to your PC directly.

Kind To The Planet

The printer will not only save you some precious bucks but also consume less energy. It’s Energy Star qualified and RoHS compliant. You can save up to 50% on costs and paper using two-sided printing, manual setup as a bonus.

Compared to other laser printers on the market, the Epson WorkForce uses about 70% less power. Moreover, its design is such that it can be easily recycled.


Contrary to some of the best printers you’ll find, this one is exceptionally user-friendly. Further, most consumers claim that the setup and installation are pretty simple and hassle-free. The color LCD screen makes it effortless to control and facilitate the functions, and you can tilt it to the desired position.

Using the front panel controller, you can even determine the scanned image format as PDF and JPG. Also, it prints at lightning speed and comes equipped with a clever design. Most users claim that it doesn’t accumulate dust, unlike most printers.

If you don’t plan on using it too often, you mustn’t worry about the maintenance as the top folds to double. That way, it can act as a sheet feeder as well as a dust cover, depending on how you’re using it.

Furthermore, the cartridges are separate, don’t dry up quickly, and you need not replace all of them. The one feature that has users enamored is that you can print documents by mailing them to the printers’ email address!

A Flimsy Tray

A few users, however, do claim that the paper-feeder and the tray are somewhat flimsy. That means that it doesn’t stay in position and may break if not handled with care. Nonetheless, this is something they can improve on, to make the printer stellar.

Bottom Line

Offering you the world’s fastest 15PPM print speed, the Epson WorkForce is an older model that just doesn’t measure up for a variety of reasons, from general printing speed to wireless connection issues.


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