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How To Change Ink Cartridges On A Canon Pixma mg2520


The video above will walk you throw changing ink cartridges on a Canon Pixma MG2520, but will also work on the cartridges in the following Canon models:

PIXMA MG2450, MG2420, MG2430, MG2440, MG2450, MG2460, MG2470, MG2480, MG2520, MG2530, MG2540, MG2550, MG2560, MG2570, MG2580, MG2920, MG2930, MG2940, MG2950, MG2960, MG2970, MG2980, MG2990.

One viewer thanked them for making it easy and not a ten-minute video as many other YouTubers did.

Another viewer said that they were virtually on the verge of crying when they watched this video and discovered how to do it.

Another had lost their instruction manual and resorted to this video for an easy guide.

Another said that the simplicity of the explanation was great. Canon ought to provide a link to this video in their pdf documentation.

Another buyer was positioning the ink cartridges in on the wrong sides! They thanked the YouTuber for the quick video to help them decipher it–color ink on the left, black ink on the right!


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