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How To Make an HP Ink Cartridge Work Again


HP ink cartridges and printers can run into pesky problems sometimes. This article will help you resolve some generic issues to get your HP ink cartridge working again. If you are fortunate to elude this issue until now, you should not be relieved. Regardless of whether you do seldom or regular printing, you will probably experience an ink cartridge error at some point. There are various potential causes why an HP Ink cartridge gets stuck and stops working. This article will walk you through some common fixes you can employ to get your Hewlett Packard printer cartridges up and running again- especially if HP support isn’t helping.  Here is a list of all the common causes and how to make an HP ink cartridge work again.

What To Do If Your HP Cartridge Isn’t Working

The cartridge of your HP printer includes an assemblage that supports its ink cartridges. It moves to and from in its path, conveying ink into the paper getting printed. Various signs that can indicate there is an ink cartridge problem on your HP printer consist of:

  • Printing abruptly stops
  • The printer won’t print
  • A message indicating a stall error appears.
  • Check the cartridge and check paper lights start flashing.

After this occurs, the printer might make a grating sound as it attempts to run the carriage. But due to the jamming of the actuator arm, this stops the carriage from moving completely.

Why the Printer Ink Cartridge Won’t Move

A paper blockage is often the cause of an HP printer cartridge getting stalled on the right side. Forcing the paper extremely into the printer is the most common reason for a paper jam. It’s recommendable that you only push the paper until the first resistance. When you continue pushing it in, it will drive the sheet into the rollers. Immediately this happens, the printer cartridge becomes stalled.

How to Fix an HP Ink Cartridge That Is Stuck

Solution 1

The first solution is resetting the HP printer to erase any error status with its printing process.

  1. Begin by detaching the Power cord from the back of your printer while the device is still on.
  2. Remove the power cable from the electric socket.
  3. Allow the printer to cool down for about 30 seconds.
  4. Put back the power cord into the electrical outlet and turn on the printer. Let it warm up and wait for it to stop making noise before you go on.
  5. Remove the paper tray and load it with clean, white paper and check whether the paper feeds smoothly.
  6. Realign the paper appropriately and adjust the Input Tray properly.
  7. Do a test print to check if the printer prints faultlessly. If it does not, continue with the next resolution.

Solution 2

Check if the paper tray is damaged and whether it is appropriately settled after you close it.

  1. Start by turning off the printer and unplugging its power cord.
  2. Remove any paper from the paper tray and remove the tray from the device.
  3. Place a ruler beside the edge of the rear to prevent paper tray warping. If there is a 1+ mm gap between the tray and the ruler, the tray is faulty.
  4. If the paper tray is warped, you will require to replace the tray with a new one.
  5. Return the Paper Tray to its position and rotate the printer onto its side so that it accesses its underside.
  6. Ensure that the plastic tab of the paper tray is securely fixed on the retainer slot as needed.
  7. Restore the printer to its original position, plug in the power cord, and press the power button. If the issue persists, you should proceed to the next solution.

Solution 3

Look for and remove out any material or paper fragment that is obstructing the movement of the ink cartridge carriage.

  1. Power on your printer and open its Ink Cartridge Access Door. Wait for the carriage to stop and become silent before you go on. Unplug the power cord from the back of the device while it is still on, as a safety precaution.
  2. Carefully remove any sheet of paper that is stuck inside using both your hands. Inspect carefully for paper shreds from top to bottom that might be holding back the carriage. If there still other paper fragments lingering inside the printer, you can expect further jams to occur.
  3. Put your hand into the Ink Cartridge Access Area and run the carriage manually.
  4. Move the carriage to the right side if it is stuck on the left side and vice versa. You should also move the carriage to the right if it is held in the center.
  5. Eliminate all other bits of foreign material and pieces you find in the printer. Softly push the carriage from side to side to assess if the ink carriage can run entirely from end to end.
  6. Close the Cartridge Access Door, put back the Power cord, and turn on the device.
    Test whether the HP Ink Cartridge works again. If the issue persists, move on to the next solution.

Solution 4

Turn on your device and lift the lid open. Wait for the carriage to move towards the center before you move on.

  1. Remove the ink cartridges from the printer and place them on top of a clean paper to avoid possible leaks.
  2. Look if the nozzles have clogged and clean them thoroughly using a clean and lint-free cloth damped in warm water.
  3. If the cartridges ink cartridges are low, you might have to replace the tanks with new ones.
  4. Put the ink cartridges back to their appropriate slot and lower the printer lid back to the close position.
  5. Test the printer. If the issue is still around, the best option is to contact a professional technician. You can consider checking if the warranty of the printer is still valid and contact HP support for any assistance they can offer to you.


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