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How To Refill An HP 61 Black Ink Cartridge


It is easy to refill an HP 61 black ink cartridge. Refilling the cartridges is a cost-effective way compared to buying new cartridges each time they run out of ink. You will need an HP ink refill kit before you can refill the cartridges. The kits are readily available online (like this one or this one from the video above). You can order from third-party sellers like Amazon- though HP doesn’t recommend refilling them. Ensure you have protective gloves to avoid staining your hands with ink during the refilling process.

An HP 61 refill kit will include the following items:

  • A bottle of black HP ink: To refill the cartridges, you will need original HP ink. Order HP 61 black ink from reputable stores. It is essential to ensure you order from reputable stores where you can get genuine ink. The cartridges are designed to use genuine ink from the manufacturers; you will damage them if you buy ink from unreliable sources.
  • Syringe: A syringe is required to hold the ink before you can inject it into the cartridges. The cartridge has a hole where you will insert a needle and inject the ink. A sponge in the cartridge acts as a filter to prevent the ink from clogging the cartridge.
  • Injection needles: You will need needles for the injection process. Small needles are provided in the refill kit. Ensure you handle the needles well to avoid injury.
  • Pair of plastic gloves: You will need a pair of plastic gloves that will protect your hands against spills. The ink can spill during the process. Having protective needles is necessary to avoid spills. You will also need tissue paper that you will use to wipe the cartridges in case of ink spills on them during the injection process.

How to refill an HP 61 black ink cartridge

Here are simple steps to follow and refill an HP 61 black ink cartridge:

  1. Wear the included plastic gloves: You need to protect your hands against ink stains. Wearing plastic gloves is necessary to avoid cases where you will end up with stains on your hands.
  2. Place the cartridge on a paper towel
    There are high chances that will occur when refilling the HP cartridges. Place them on a surface where you can tolerate spills. It will be better to get cardboard or work from outside to avoid staining your tiles. The paper towel can be placed on the surface to absorb any ink spill from the cartridge.
  3. Peel to reveal the holes: You will have to peel off the top label to reveal the holes you will inject the ink. Peel the labels carefully because after refilling, you will have to seal the label back. It offers protection when the cartridge is working. You will see three holes; you can inject ink into any of the three holes.
  4. Fill the syringe with black ink: You will have to open the blank ink bottle them fell the syringe. Ensure you fill the syringe slowly. It is essential to fill it slowly so that you can avoid air from entering the syringe. Air bubbles in your HP cartridge can lead to poor quality prints.
  5. Inject ink into the front holes: The cartridge has three holes. They are located under the labels that you initially peeled. The holes will open to a sponge. The sponge works as a filter. You can fill the ink slowly into the sponge as you monitor its level. Ensure the ink enters the sponge. Care is required as you fill the cartridge. Release the ink from the cartridges slowly.
  6. Wipe the cartridge: You may have spilled the ink when refilling; ensure the cartridge is clean before you can return it to the printer. Ensure the label is sealed once you have fielded the ink. You can use a paper towel to clear the ink. Take a moment to analyze the cartridge condition so that you can know whether it is time to replace it.
  7. Replace the cartridges: After you have filled the cartridge, you will have to return it into position to continue serving you. The place where you removed the cartridge should be the same place where you will replace it. It is a simple process. Ensure it snaps into position. Your printer will not start printing if the cartridge is not well placed.
  8. Run cleaning cycles: Before you can start printing documents in your office, it is essential to run the cleaning cycles before starting. In most cases, the printer will run the cleaning cycle automatically. It is necessary to run up to three cleaning cycles to ensure the cartridge is working well.
  9. Let the ink settle before you start mass printing: For the best results, you can leave the printer without using it for up to 8 hours. It will allow the ink to saturate the sponge and improve the printing job quality. The cartridge will print like new if you can refill it well. With time, the cartridge may fail after several refilling sessions; you can then buy a new replacement cartridge to maintain high-quality prints.


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