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How To Remove Ink Cartridges From The Canon Pixma Printer


Canon Pixma printers are popular in the printing community because of their reliable prints. You can also count on them for their seamless performance and consistent quality. At some point, you’ll want to remove the ink cartridge from your Canon Pixma printer. But, how should you do it?

Precautionary Measures to Take

Never touch the print head nozzles or electrical contacts on the cartridge. Your printer may not work efficiently if you do. Wear gloves when opening the machine to avoid getting stained with ink. You should also use a clean, dry cloth to wipe off any ink residues inside your printer.

Removing the Ink Cartridge

Stick to the following steps:

1. Turn the Printer on

With your printer on, open the front cover. This procedure allows the paper output tray to open. Take out any paper inside the cassette and then open the printer’s paper output cover. As the cartridge holder aligns itself to the replacement position, don’t touch it until it stops.

2. Remove the Cartridge

It’s common for the cartridge holder to move when you leave the paper output cover open for over 10 minutes. If it closes, reopen the paper output cover. Push the cartridge until it makes a clicking sound. You should then gently remove the cartridge from the printer.

If the cartridge is out of ink, dispose of the ink cartridge according to the waste management regulations of your locality. Don’t hesitate to get a new one and have it installed in the printer. You can also send it to the nearest retailer that encourages the recycling of ink cartridges.

Use a lint-free moist cloth dipped in isopropyl alcohol to clean the cartridge if needed. Gently blot its nozzle plate until it draws out some ink. You should also thoroughly remove lint fibers and ink residue from the rear electrical contacts. Allow the cartridge to dry before reinstalling it into your printer.

3. Close the Paper Output Cover

If you have a replacement cartridge with you, take it out of its package and remove the protective tape. You can either close your printer with a new cartridge inside or without a cartridge inside. Either way, remember to close its paper output cover. Be careful not to tamper with the printer components since they may stop working efficiently.

What’s Next

For the best print quality, it’s advisable to get new cartridges made by Canon. While refills may work, they tend to clog the printer’s nozzles. They also won’t notify you when the ink runs out. Always replace the cartridge after removing it.

Use replacement cartridges within six months of their first use. Note that your printer will still consume some color ink even when printing in black and white. You should also clean the print head for optimal functioning of the printer.


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