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How To Reset A Canon Ink Cartridge Chip [Explained]

how to change canon pixma ink cartridges

Canon Inkjet printer cartridges come with a chip for tracking ink use. It may be economical to use a continuous ink system or refill the cartridge. However, you might need to reset the ink counter or cartridge chip for your printer to work efficiently with new, refilled or remanufactured cartridges. While buying a cartridge resetter may be convenient, you can reset the chip manually.

How to Reset Canon Ink Cartridge Chip

1. Disconnect the Printer from the Power Outlet

Switch off your printer to get yourself started with this step. You should then unplug its power cord to ensure that electricity isn’t flowing through it. Remember also to unplug the USB cable linking the printer to the computer.

2. Plug the Power Cord into the Outlet

Press and gently hold both the “Power” and “Resume” printer buttons. Attach the power cord onto the electrical outlet for the initialization process to begin. Keep the document cover closed every time you’re turning the power on or off.

3. Activate Test Mode While Holding the “Power” Button

As you hold down the “Resume” button, release the printer’s “Power” button. You should then press and gently hold the “Power” button for the device to go into test mode. Test mode is an internal process that Canon printers run to ensure that the printer head is appropriately functioning.

4. Activate Service Mode by Releasing the “Power” and “Resume” Buttons

As you activate service mode, wait until the printer’s lights stop flashing. Canon printers usually go on service mode to allow users to modify system settings. If you’re a beginner, learn more about the service mode on Canon printers.

5. Reset the Inc Count

Pressing the “Resume” button will help you navigate through the system settings. Scroll through these settings until you see “Ink Count” or “Reset Ink Counter” on the menu. Pressing the “0” button will help you reset the ink count. Resetting the ink count will allow your Canon printer to read any newly installed parts correctly.

6. Switch Off the Printer and Gently Disconnect the Power Cord

Press the “OK” or “Set” button for the printer to accept the “Ink Count” value. Proceed to switch the device off and disconnect it from the power source. If you’re using a Bubble Jet printer, use the “Cartridge” button to reset the “Ink Count.”

7. Turn the Printer On

Connect your Canon printer to the electrical outlet and then plug its USB cable into your PC. You should then switch the device on for it to continue working. Ensure that the USB cable and power cords are in the correct places for the printer to work.

If the above steps didn’t help, check out this article we wrote about resetting a Canon PG 245 Ink Cartridge. You might need to buy a new Canon cartridge if all else fails.

Summing up

Your printer will now be ready for use. An ink cartridge chip will help you avoid installing third-party ink cartridges in your Canon printer. It’s important to troubleshoot the chip by observing and understanding the messages that pop up on the screen display.


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