HP’s OfficeJet 4655 is a multifunctional printer that can scan, print, and copy documents and pictures. It can be purchased directly at the HP store, but you can also buy it at Amazon and Bestbuy.

Official Compatible Cartridges

According to HP (Source), the following are the compatible cartridges for OfficeJet 4655:

  • HP 63 Black/Tri-color Home Value Pack (Buy From HP)
  • HP 63 Economy Black Original Ink Cartridge
  • HP 63 Economy Tri-color Original Ink Cartridge
  • HP 63XL High Yield Original Original Ink Cartridge
  • HP 63 2-pack Black/Tri-color Original Ink Cartridges
  • HP 63 2-pack Black Original Ink Cartridge
  • HP 63XL High Yield Original Tri-color Ink Cartridge
  • HP 63 Black Original Ink Cartridge
  • HP 63 Original Original Ink Cartridge
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These folks are great to deal with. Very friendly, and stand behind their product. I would strongly recommend. January 31, 2018 – Kavin

User Feedback

The JARBO HP 63XL Ink Cartridge

Well-matched with other HP printers  such as HP Envy 4520, 4522 ,4512 and 4516 and HP Officejet 4650, 3831, 3830 ,3832 ,3834, 4652, 4654 , 5255 and 5258. Also with Deskjet 3633, 3636, 3634, 3632 3631, 3630,  2133, 2134, 2131, 2132,  2130 , 1110 and 1112.

One customer stated that this cartridge has the same quality as HP cartridges but lasts longer and is cheaper. One customer said that when he had encountered some difficulties with a single purchase about a color cartridge ink level reading being on a low level, JARBO had sent a replacement set just within a few days.

Another one remarked that this ink cartridge was better than the original. The printed materials came out with superb quality. In the agreement the first feedback, one customer agreed that JARBO is efficient in dealing with customer complaints, and the fact that the ink cartridge quality is good, is a plus factor too!

On the other hand, a first-time buyer of JARBO expressed his loyalty to the brand after he purchased the 63XL ink cartridge after going through other remanufactured ink cartridges. They said that this off-brand item was well-suited to their printer. They liked that the cartridge could be easily installed, and the packaging was sturdy. Even though they only tried printing plain text documents, they were impressed with how vibrant and crisp the colors were.

Generally, this replacement got raving reviews and is highly recommended by other buyers.

The OfficeWorld Remanufactured 63 63XL Ink Cartridge

Labeled as Amazon’s choice for 63xl ink, OfficeWorld’s 63 63XL Ink Cartridge is also compatible with other HP printers such as HP Envy, Deskjet, and Officejet.

A buyer claims that as someone who prints a lot of stuff, this particular ink cartridge has left a good impression despite having already tried other brands. The printouts were satisfactory, and the cartridge was easy to install.

In contrast to the earlier buyer, this customer said that it was his first time trying replacement ink cartridge for his five-year-old printer. He searched for recommendations, and luckily, he landed with OfficeWorld Remanufactured 63 63XL Ink Cartridge and was not disappointed at all.

Another even listed pros and cons feedback for this replacement cartridge. The customer claims the product was delivered on time and in good quality. In addition, the ink cartridge was even recognized as an HP ink, there was no need to troubleshoot his printer, and the result was very satisfactory. Although he stated that he would have liked it better if the print pages listed were more than what was featured.

All in all, customers label this brand as trust-worthy and worth it.

The RETCH HP Ink Cartridge 63

Compatible with other printers like HP’s OfficeJet  printers: 5200 5255 5258 5260 3830 5220 5230 5232 5252 5264 4650 3831 3832 3833 3834 4652 4654 4655, Envy printer series – 4520 4510 4512 4513 4516 4517 4522 4524 4525, DeskJet  printer series: 1112, 2131, 1110, 2130,  2132, 2133, 2134, 3630, 3631, 3632, 3633, 3634, 3637, 3636and 3639.

A buyer said that they were extremely pleased with their purchase. After comparing the quality of the official ink cartridge and the replacement, they were impressed to see that there was no difference seen with the naked eye. Whether it was for plain text or picture-wise print outs, the quality was the same.

Another one commented that this particular ink cartridge replacement lasts longer than the official ones. They claim that their HP printer recognized them immediately, and they worked perfectly fine.

However, others said that even though this item was delivered within a few days from being purchased, there were times when the ink cartridge wasn’t filled to the brim, and their printers would indicate a low ink level. Nevertheless, they did add that when they contacted customer service, they immediately received replacement packages.

Generally, these replacement cartridges got good reviews.


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