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The 5 Best Ways To Recycle Printer Ink Cartridges

how and where to recycle printer ink cartridges

If you’ve got some spent ink cartridges you need to dispose of, we’ve got you covered. According to, these are some of the best ways to get rid of them:

  1. Office Supply Store Recycling: Consider disposing them at your local office supply store (search for nearby office supply stores on Google Maps)
  2. Recycling Center Disposal: Use a local recycling center. Recycling centers can be a convenient way to dispose of these environmentally toxic cartridges (search for nearby office supply stores on Google Maps)
  3. Evolve Recycling: Use Evolve Recycling to get paid for your recyclable goods. Their mission is reimbursing businesses for empty inkjet and laser printer cartridges, which prevents millions of pounds of waste from entering landfills every year. All you have teo do is collect the cartridges, ship them using a prepaid shipping label, and then receive a monthly check once your balance reaches $25.00. Other options include Cartridges For Kids, Recycle4Charity, and Advanced Systems)
  4. Refill Old Cartridges: You can buy kits online to do a refill- just search out the model # on Amazon and you’ll see plenty of options. Or, as advises, you can bring them to participating Walgreens and Costco stores and they’ll clean and refill cartridges in their photo department (search for nearby Walgreens & Costcos on Google Maps)
  5. Just Throw Them Out: Yes, you can just throw them out in your recycling trash. According to our research, it seems like it’s not against the law to do so, but try doing a quick Google search for your city and its recycling laws just to make sure.

Is It Illegal To Throw Out Ink Cartridges?

Obviously, you don’t want to break the law here…

But, no,  according to, it’s not illegal to throw them in the trash.

Local Recycling Laws

Of course, things might vary by state, city, municipality, etc., so check out this interactive map from for more local information:

Recycling Laws By State United States


More Details

When we hear the words dispose and recycle, we often think of a simple way of getting rid of certain things and objects that we no longer need in our possession. However, there is another key element to consider when it comes to recycling and disposing, and it has to do with printer ink cartridges.

There is a way of disposing of printer ink cartridges that are no longer in a good condition to be utilized for printing various documents and files. Furthermore, print cartridges that have been in use for a long time can start to pile up and increase over a significant amount of time. This in turn, can certainly happen especially if you have more than one printer inside of your home.

Thankfully, there are so many resources that are available today to recycle and dispose of printer ink cartridges. This can certainly preserve a printer and ensure that it is able to have longevity and to last longer in terms of how much ink can be conserved.

Reaching Out To Local Office Stores

ink cartridge

There is another option that can also prove to be quite beneficial in terms of disposing of printer ink cartridges and it is in connection with taking your used ink cartridges to a local office supply store.

There are many office supply stores that will gladly and willingly take back printer ink cartridges that have been used and spent considerably. Therefore, if you have an office supply store within your area then, you can even check their website to see whether or not they will accept ink and toner cartridges.

Most office supply stores will recycle them right away, as soon as possible, you can be assured that they respond immediately. Another facet that can be given consideration is by discovering and finding a local recycling facility that may possibly be located in your area.

Furthermore, local recycling facilities are a lot easier and much simpler to find than we may actually realize in most cases.

Fundraising & Cashback Opportunities

Even if you do a fundraising event with your school or your church or even a non-profit organization, all of these facets will still give you the assurance that you need in terms of utilizing recycling and disposal in an effective way.

By putting together an event, it can certainly help with the recycling process of printer ink cartridges in a substantial way. Moreover, it can also be a sustainable way that definitely proves to be a valuable asset in the end.

Once you have taken the time to collect all of the empty ink cartridges, as well as the personal electronics that is no longer useful. Now you can move forward in visiting your local recycling center that is within your area.

Also, stores such as Walgreens, Costco, Office Depot, and Staples or another office supply store that is nearby you can drop off your ink cartridges at one of these businesses too. There are reasonable options that are within your range and that are essential when it comes to discarding ink cartridges that are no longer being used.

Refilling & Reusing

Printer ink cartridges are built in a way so that they can easily be reused to minimize the amount of waste that can result.

Recycling used printer ink cartridges helps not only in simplifying the amount of waste but also, they contribute to the significant value components of reusing as well as refilling. Nevertheless, there are numerous amounts of programs that are available in recycling and disposing printer ink cartridges.

In this way, the amount that you receive may greatly depend upon the factors that are involved. In order for all of your cartridges to be recycled, it is imperative to make sure they are in great shape. However, ink cartridges are not simple to make at all, but by refilling ink that is of a professional source and quality this can certainly be made easy by having the right amount of tools at your fingertips.

Toner cartridges are also valuable to have because of the effect that they have even on the environment.

These cartridges are both recyclable and reusable because of this there are many more eco-friendly options that exist for disposing of waste. When you are at home or at the office it is important that the ink and toner printing cartridges are changed as soon as possible when they run extremely low. Ink and toner cartridges are by no means interchangeable in any way.

They are both quite different in their own way. The ink of a printer is considered a liquid that is utilized within inkjet printers, whereas the toner is a certain powder that is used within laser printers. Moreover, inkjet printers are also utilized as printers for photography and even home offices as well. Interestingly, laser printers are of a high caliber and virtue in that they print much faster and have the capacity to print signs and billboards.

Searching Out Local Business Recycling Opportunities

Whether you make full use of toner or ink, both printer cartridges should be able to be recycled and disposed of right in your household garbage.

Always keep in mind that if you prefer recycling over the disposing of your ink cartridges then, many office supply retailers offer reasonable ways and advantages to make it more of a straightforward process in your behalf. They also offer major discounts on brand-new products in exchange for ones that have already been used for a certain amount of time.

Other high in demand retailers like Walgreens, and Costco will gladly refill the ink cartridges for you.

Anyone who makes use of and replaces printer toner cartridges knows very well that it can be quite tempting to immediately throw them away the minute they run out. However, toner cartridge recycling is a much more precise and conventional way to deal with and to face your empties, it is much easier to take on than ever before.

The Impact of Recycling

You have the ability to have a huge part in recycling your ink cartridges or even your toner by dropping them off to a local retailer, sending them off through the mail, or by working with a non-profit organization or charity that will do the recycling for you. Also, whether you have a major concern with a specific toner cartridge recycling process.

You may be able to find recycling programs that offer these incentives free of any type of charge. Moreover, you will find that by means of recycling programs that they are efficient even for the planet and its resources.

Keep in mind the retailers that you have were you can engage in recycling your cartridges right in store. To be sure that the retailers are an authorized location for collection visit the retailer locator and click drop it off to confirm and to find your store on the list. Once you are in the store you can now have the option to drop off to various places and areas that are within your range where the toner may be sold.

Contact The Manufacturer’s Customer Service

Another incentive that may prove to be quite helpful in a considerable way, and that is by means of consulting or inquiring through a customer service desk. While you may not receive any kind of compensation or money or even credit in return, by turning in your toner products that are now empty, you are certainly working within the realm and interests of safeguarding the planet.

You can rest assure that you are doing your utmost to be part of securing and helping the planet to reduce the amount of waste that is in our landfills and our waterways as well. There is another way you can give deep consideration to and that is by mailing in your empty ink cartridges.

In order to partake in the recycling of your toner cartridges by means of mailing them be assured to check the packaging that the toner or printer ink cartridge came, make sure you have a mailable envelope inside as well.

Summing Up

Recycling printing supplies can have profound results that have an extraordinary impact on the planet.

The environmental element is significant because of how much recycling brings delightful and intriguing results. By means of recycling, it can certainly bring support and promote productivity.

In every way possible we must fully engage ourselves in the recycling as well as the disposing of our printer’s ink cartridges to ensure that it will be of a lasting benefit.

By means of sustainable printing, it can promote a level of positive change, which can lead to an impact on environmental resources. At the end of it all, when it all comes to the cornerstone of recycling and disposing our ink consistently can really have an influence that can truly incite change that is effective.


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