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Most office supply stores have programs where clients can make money by purchasing certain products for office use like ink, and printers. At Staples, one unique way you can make some spare cash is by recycling ink cartridges. Starting up with Staples is easy and with simple steps, you can start enjoying the commissions.

How to Recycle Ink Cartridges at Staples and Win Rewards

What is The Process

You must sign up with your email and purchase the first cartridge. After which you are supposed to purchase at least around $28 in every 6 months. Once you have completed your membership, you are eligible to win rewards in every purchase. You can recycle up to 10 cartridges in a period of one month with just around $2.

If you are a Premier Member at Staples, you are allowed to recycle up to 20 of the ink for every month as well as earn rewards through it.

Customer Recycling Programs

The best thing about this is that you can buy as many cartridges as you can and later sell them at eBay in case you do not need to use all of it within the 6-month period you have before purchasing another cartridge. Regular members are allowed to recycle even 120 cartridges per year, and this can earn about $240.

Premium members enjoy the most rewards in every recycling but for you to get to the level, you need to spend around $500 per year on ink. You can later resell to other clients and earn some profit. This is notwithstanding the $480 rewards you get from Staples.

The good thing about Staples is that you can recycle the ink through their online platform using the membership logins created for you during your registration. After payments and redeeming the rewards, your cartridges are shipped to your location without any cost.

Rewards for Ink Cartridges Recycling

You also have the option of recycling the ink cartridges by visiting the supply stores which is easy. The cashiers will only ask for your rewards and give you a receipt for your cartridges. However, something you need to know is that if you are not consistent in buying ink within the 180 days, you can not earn any rewards if you intend to purchase again.

At Staples, your recycling rewards may not appear in the same month that you purchased the ink cartridges, but they are moved to the next month due to delay in time for feeding the details online. Another good thing about Staples, your account is usually credited with the rewards every month regardless of the amount since they do not have restrictions on a minimum number of points.

Can You Sell Your Unused Ink Toners?

Many people ask if you can resell the ink cartridges after buying, and the answer is yes. As stated above, you have an option of selling because in case 6 months are over, the cartridges expire whether used or unused. Buying them online does not give you the opportunity to return in case you find that it is damaged. So, for a new member who deals with a lot of ink in a month, I would advise going to the stores to recycle the ink. In case you notice any mess, you can return to them and have it replaced with the right ink.

Green Benefits to Ink Recycling

Recycling has been embraced in most modern societies, and when it comes to ink cartridges, there are many benefits to it. Recycling ink does not only save your money, but you can also help safeguard the environment since there are no many emissions taking place. You also get to find that resources are used appropriately when recycling ink as compared to buying new ones and disposing of the used ones.

If you have been buying your ink cartridges elsewhere and never found value for your money, this piece is for you. you will find out how to recycle in and win rewards at Staples. You can then plan on buying your next ink from them.


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