The Best Canon Pixma MG2522 Replacement Ink Cartridges

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The Canon PIXMA MG2522 is a color inkjet all-in-one printer that includes scan and copy functions, but no networking (USB only). It is Windows and macOS compatible (Source).

Official Compatible Cartridges

According to Canon, these are official, compatible ink cartridges:

  1. PG-245/CL-246 XL Combo Ink Pack
  2. CL-244 Color Ink Cartridge
  3. CL-246 Color Ink Cartridge
  4. CL-246 XL Color Ink Cartridge
  5. PG-243 Black Ink Cartridge
  6. PG-245 Black Ink Cartridge
  7. PG-245 XL Black Ink Cartridge
Need ink? Check out InkFarm. They provide a 2-year, money-back guarantee on all their cartridges.
These folks are great to deal with. Very friendly, and stand behind their product. I would strongly recommend. January 31, 2018 – Kavin

Where To Buy

We’d recommend either buying directly from Canon or finding a cheaper alternative from InkFarm:

User Feedback

According to our research, these ink cartridges are compatible with the Canon MG2522 printer:

User Feedback: Overall feedback was pretty good for this OfficeWorld option. 

One buyer was pleasantly surprised by the quality of customer support. They had purchased a cartridge that ended up leaving streaks on her printouts, but the company followed up with her and provided a replacement that worked exceptionally well. 

Another user said that it provides solid quality at an affordable price. Like a lot of other users searching for off-brand printer cartridges, they just wanted something that worked and wouldn’t break the bank. In his case, he’s not doing any fancy photo printing, but just needs a functional cartridge for basic client work printouts.

User Feedback: Reviews were pretty positive for this option. One person said that her printer was so cheap that she never wants to spend too much money on ink cartridges that end up costing almost the same amount as the printer itself.

Another person was a little bit weary purchasing remanufactured cartridges, citing previous experiences where some were good and some were bad. However, she praised the quality of the Aisen, Saying that they were in mint condition, showed no defects, easily installed and printed at the same quality as original Canon cartridges.

User Feedback: There’s definitely some mixed feedback here. One person explained that they purchased both the color and black cartridges instead of paying for the overpriced name brand cartridges from Canon

In addition, he had even tried refilling them himself, but the results were never adequate. he said that it was easy to install the cartridges, that the print quality was exceptional or both the color and black options. However, other buyers sad that they did experience some compatibility issues, one person specifically said that Cannon has done something with their printers so that they reject third-party cartridges. 

Another buyer was able to get it working, but said that the color quality for the tricolor looked really faded and blotchy, how do you suspect it’s because the ink might have sat on the shelf too long and dried up.

Replacing Ink On A Canon MG Series Printer

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